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The Cobra Marine MR HH350 FLT EU portable marine VHF is smaller, aesthetically better finished and shaped to allow a more comfortable grip. Float, with high visibility orange band, transmits with a power of up to 6 Watts. Equipped with the Burp function, it expels the possible condensation present on the speaker through the protection grid making it emit a very low frequency tone to the speaker. Other important features, in addition to the basic ones, are the Noise Canceling function that allows you to transmit a signal clean from ambient noise, the 5-bar Rx signal strength bar, the call tones to be recognized by the receiver and the Roger Beep indicating the end of transmission. The antenna is removable and has been equipped with an SMA connector to make stowage easier. Tri-wacth function (channel 16 + 2 scan of your choice), key reserved for channel 16 and 9, 1000 mAh rechargeable battery. Included in the package are the rapid desktop battery charger with 220Vac and 12Vdc power supply, cigarette lighter socket, the strap for transport and the attachment for the belt attachment. Dim. Mm. antenna excluded 62x36x123H. Weight 272 gr.

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