Accessories Controls Max Power Operating Propeller

Accessories Bow Thruster and Controls Max Power Maneuver offers you all the accessories and controls for a correct installation of the Max Power maneuvering propellers (bow or stern thruster), so that you can use and operate it correctly.

For a correct assembly of the bow thruster it is necessary to install a command which can be a joystick command , single or double, or a simple push button command . The relay is usually supplied with the operating propeller, but it is also possible to purchase it separately, if a spare is needed. To protect the bow thruster motor, a fuse with the appropriate Max Power fuse holder must also be installed.

In this section you will also find any spare parts for the operating propeller such as: the spare propellers , the relays , the tunnels for the correct assembly of the bow thruster, the spare foot for the propeller and the control unit . Buy accessories for the bow thruster by taking advantage of offers and fast shipments in 24 / 48h.

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