Depending on the navigation to be carried out, the Italian legislation provides for the supply of distress signals and / or signal flares that allows us to be sighted (or to warn in case of difficulty) even at a great distance. These devices include, in fact: signaling fires, signal flares , smoke buoys and many others required by law such as acoustic indicators, heliographic mirrors and so on.
The distress signals to be used (mandatory, in some cases) also depend on the sailing distance: within three nautical miles , for example, a small kit with hand fires and smoke buoy is sufficient, while for navigation beyond 12 miles (without limits) the kits are much more complex and complete and include over 10 distress signals.
Also in this case MTO selects and offers, at very competitive prices, complete kits, signals and devices in line with the latest regulations and with an ideal quality-price ratio. And if you need advice, or have doubts about what equipment is necessary for your boat, contact us and use our Live Chat , we will guide you in the best way in your purchase, which you can safely carry out on our store, receiving to your home the goods in a few days ( shipping in 48h at most, without additional costs if your order will be at least 250 Euro).

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