Bollards and Fairleads offers a vast assortment of bollards and fairleads for anchoring and mooring boats and rafts. Bollards and cable glands for boats are indispensable nautical accessories for anchoring and mooring and are available in different sizes and models. There are models of retractable bollards, mushroom bollards and boat cleats built with different types of material including Nylon, Chrome Brass and Stainless Steel.
The choice of bollards and cable glands for boats must take into account the diameter of the ropes and must be able to make several turns or passages around them to allow the boat to be moored with simplicity and reliability at the harbor quay
Bollards are a nautical accessory of great importance in terms of safety and guarantee of a safe mooring.
Mooring accessories such as boat cable glands are on sale online on available in numerous models for both small and larger boats. The types of boat fairleads differentiate above all in shape: we have straight fairleads, crossed fairleads, cubic fairleads and roller fairleads. They are made with different materials and we can choose boat fairleads in aluminum, chromed brass or stainless steel.
We have a wide choice of models of boat fairleads for sale online on our nautical store. The installation of the cable glands for boats can be done with self-tapping screws directly on the deck or through through studs.
Take advantage of the vast catalog of cleats for boats for sale online and the best fairleads at exceptional prices available in online nautical goods stores.

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