Fender covers

The fenders are an excellent protection for your boat during mooring . To make it even better, avoiding that - following the rocking of the boat - the rubbing of the fenders ruin the sides of the boat, it is more than recommended to use fender covers. Not only that, the fenders (precisely due to rubbing) tend to wear out, ruining the aesthetics of your boat: the fender covers also avoid this problem , allowing you to give a touch of elegance and extend the life of the fenders themselves.

All the fenders that you find for sale on MTO Nautica Store are produced with a material that allows their easy application and removal. Our proposal includes covers for both Polyform Series F and Series A fenders, and for cylindrical and round Majoni fenders. On our portal you will also find the FENDERFITS fender covers , which are considered the best on the market , thanks also to the fabric with which they are made which, in addition to preventing the annoying creaking typical of fenders, has a polishing action on the side (transforming the rub from problem to advantage).

We offer you, as always, a wide selection of items among which you will surely find the one that best suits your needs (and your fenders, of course) and that you can order online, receiving them within 24/48 hours at really advantageous prices !

- 25%

Fendress F Series Fender Cover

starting from € 12,57 € 9,42
- 25%

Fendress Serie A fender cover

starting from € 19,76 € 14,82
- 25%

MAJONI M Series fender cover

€ 21,89 € 16,42
- 20%

MAJONI MR. Fender cover

€ 37,50 € 30,00
- 30%

Fender cover Series F POLYFORM

€ 29,07 € 20,35
- 30%

Fender cover Series A POLYFORM

€ 41,02 € 28,71
- 33%

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