Manual and Electric Winches


Do you need a winch or a winch for boat trolleys? Visit our section on that offers you a wide range of winches and winches for boats that allow you to tow and move your boats in hauling and launching operations. There are two different types of winches, manual and electric, which must be chosen according to your needs.

How to choose the most suitable winch?

The choice of the most suitable winch must be made taking into account the load to be towed and the capacity and pulling capacity of the winch.

What is the capacity of a winch?

The capacity of a winch is the maximum load it is able to pull, for this reason it is essential to choose a winch with a greater capacity than the loads that we will have to tow or lift. All winches are built with anti-corrosive material.

The manual boat winches are the simplest and have a limited pulling capacity. The energy to operate them comes from the arms of those who use them, therefore nautical trolleys are ideal for hauling and launching small boats. Some are equipped with a self-locking mechanism that already acts with a minimum load and therefore can be used in complete safety. Other models are equipped with automatic brake and clutch suitable for being mounted on boat trolleys. Manual winches can be supplied without cable, with winch cable or with belt and hook.

The electric winches compared to the manual ones have a greater capacity and therefore can be used for hauling boats and inflatable boats of a larger size. They can be installed both on boat-mounted trolleys, and on trucks for loading cars, or mounted on off-road vehicles. They must be connected to a battery which can be that of a car or a truck or directly to the power supply. They have a higher capacity than manual winches and a low cost. The only problem with electric winches that they can have is that they tend to heat up if used continuously so it is advisable not to use them for too long a period of time. The electric winches have an overload protection system and can be controlled with a wire remote control or with a remote control. One of the most famous and reliable winches is the American-made SUPERWINCH electric winch used for hauling boats, tenders, cargo watercraft, cars, agricultural machines on trailers and trucks.

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