Nautical Ropes, Nautical Ropes, Accessories for Mooring Ropes offers a complete range of ropes, ropes and accessories for all nautical applications. The products, selected to guarantee the best quality - price ratio, are made of materials that ensure optimal performance and long life and are available in various colors and shapes. Among the wide range of accessories for boating, we also offer mooring lines, anchoring lines, jig lines and dyneema essential for mooring and anchoring operations and to manage the maneuvers of sailing boats. You can buy mooring lines and lines for anchoring or anchor lines by the meter or in pre-cut packs. There are also mooring lines spliced with stainless steel thimble. In this section you can also find elastic ropes or multipurpose ropes, such as ball fasteners, very useful for any eventuality on board. has divided the category of nautical ropes and accessories in order to facilitate the choice and locate the nautical rope you are looking for faster. In the mooring rope and nautical ropes section you will find all the nautical ropes for mooring, for anchoring sold by the meter and you can choose the desired mooring ropes length and all the elastic and multipurpose nautical ropes.
We have identified a separate section for the spliced mooring lines where you will find kits already cut with stainless steel thimble already lead. The category of accessories for ropes could not be missing, where you can find stainless steel thimbles, protective sheaths for mooring lines, anti-rubbing profiles for mooring lines and nylon hooks for elastic lines and multipurpose lines.
On you can make the purchase of the desired nautical rope with simplicity and comfort directly from your PC or Smartphone and receive it at home with fast shipments in 24 / 48h
- 25%

Cima Square Line PP Floating Armare

starting from € 3,40 € 2,55
- 25%

Cima Ormeggio Nera with Thimble 7 Meters

starting from € 24,95 € 18,71
- 30%

Cima Storm Line Armare

starting from € 4,88 € 3,42

Stainless steel thimble

starting from € 0,20

Fender Loops top for fenders

starting from € 9,03
- 40%

Cima Square Line Armare

starting from € 7,01 € 4,21

Mooring Salvacime sheath

starting from € 10,95

Cima Bianca 3 Legnoli Fenders

starting from € 5,25

Polypropylene braid

starting from € 11,32
- 30%

Cima Ormeggio Nera with Thimble 15 Meters

starting from € 33,86 € 23,70
- 25%

Sea King Armare top

starting from € 1,08 € 0,81

Cima Nera 3 Legnoli Fenders

starting from € 5,25
- 30%

Navy Blue Mooring Line with Thimble 15 Meters

starting from € 48,30 € 33,81

Cima Blu 3 Legnoli Fenders

starting from € 10,74
- 30%

Double Braid Top

starting from € 5,93

Top Star Armare

starting from € 0,88

Stainless steel buckle

starting from € 8,41
- 25%

Brown Braid For Longlines

starting from € 63,68 € 47,76

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