Shackles and Carabiners

Among the various nautical accessories for sale online on you can choose from a wide range of high quality stainless steel shackles and carabiners products. There are different types of nautical stainless steel shackles based on the use you need. The best nautical shackle is made of stainless steel which prevents corrosion and rust due to the marine environment. There are various types of shackles based on their shape and we have long shackles, omega-shaped shackles, also known as zither crickets, standard shackles, shackles with a captive shaft or pin and headless shackles used above all as an attachment between the chain and again to avoid any locks on the bow roller. As anchor and chain attachments it is also possible to use stainless steel swivels divided into eye-eye or eye-cricket.
There is also a wide choice of stainless steel carabiners. The best carabiners in terms of quality and reliability are the Kong Italy carabiners which are also divided into carabiners with standard opening, with asymmetrical opening or carabiners with eye. The cheapest carabiners are also made of stainless steel made of materials highly resistant to the action of sea water but have a lower breaking load capacity than Kong Italy carabiners.
Discover the entire catalog of nautical hardware on cuffs and carabiners on offer on and buy all the nautical accessories suitable for your boat. Take advantage of the online sale of nautical hardware at the best prices available on the e-commerce of nautical items.

Stainless Steel Headless Shackle

starting from € 2,44

Cockerel with Bush

starting from € 1,54

Stainless Steel Swivel

starting from € 7,81

Grillo Inox Unmissable Pin

starting from € 1,39

Stainless steel long shackle

starting from € 16,07

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