Aluminum Alloy Anchors

Aluminum and light alloy anchors. Aluminum Fortress and Guardian anchors - The best anchors in the world!
The Fortress brand anchors are produced from a magnesium and aluminum alloy which make them very robust and resistant to corrosion. The components of these anchors are assembled by interlocking, without the need for welds that would weaken the metal. For this reason, Fortress anchors are lighter and easier to handle and always offer the best grip on the seabed. Ideal for motorboats and inflatable boats. They are used as a second anchor on large yachts. The most purchased anchor is the Fortress fx 37 model. The Fortress anchor, made of reinforced aluminum and magnesium alloy, weighs less than a third of an anchor in galvanized steel with a 100% higher seal thanks to its design. Easily removable and stowable, it is ideal as a sealing anchor for "flying" anchors.
The Fortress anchors of the Guardian series, always produced by the Fortress USA house, are an excellent alternative to the heavier steel anchors. This Nautical Anchor does not renounce the basic qualities such as lightness and strength of the Fortress anchors, but the Guardian anchor still minimizes the options by providing an excellent variant at cheaper prices, while guaranteeing safety and reliability.
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