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The awning for boats is a fundamental accessory for the comfort of the boat, it is essential to protect yourself from the sun by making you enjoy boat trips to the fullest, it is an excellent shelter even during a downpour or a thunderstorm and is usually installed on open boats or rafts .
The awnings for boats are normally formed by an arched structure in aluminum or stainless steel , while the canopy that covers the frame is made of resistant fabric; they are fixed to the boat by means of special attachments.
Usually, joints are installed on the awnings which make them mobile and able to fold to reduce the size of the same inside the boat when not in use, or to be able to store it in the locker or in its case to make it easier to transport .
In order to best satisfy the customer's requests, many awnings are made to measure . To choose the most suitable awning for your boat you need to take into account some important features : first you choose the number of arches , usually two in the cheapest awnings up to three or even four. The arch is the transverse tubular of the awning, which crosses the boat in width. The number of arches affects the strength of the boat awning and the tension of the canopy cover: in essence, the greater the number of arches , the more the awning is robust and the noise of the awning exposed to the wind is minimal . Another key feature of the awning is the material with which the frame is built . There are awnings in anodized aluminum that are light and able to withstand the shocks of sea waves and atmospheric agents. In addition to those in anodized aluminum, there are stainless steel boat awnings, which have a more robust structure and which thanks to their mirror polishing are the most chosen to give the boat greater aesthetic value.
The third very important feature for our awning is that of evaluating the diameter of the tubulars that form the frame which will affect the strength of the awning. It starts from a size of 20 mm up to 30 mm. Based on our experience , awnings with 20 mm tubulars are not recommended for any type of boat, as they are not very robust ; normally we advise our customers to choose tubulars starting from 25 mm which allow to keep the awning open even when sailing under a certain speed.
If you want a perfect and super sturdy awning, the choice necessarily falls on tubulars with a diameter of 30 mm .
Last, but not least important, feature is the canopy fabric , which must be a sturdy fabric, capable of resisting the atmospheric agents and bad weather of the sea .
In order to choose the right awning it is necessary to have the length of the boat and check if the height and width of the awning meet your needs. The width of the awning refers to the center distance of the two attachment points. In general, the attachment point for fiberglass boats is the walled center , while for inflatable boats it is the center of the tubular . Usually the awnings on the market have a tolerance of 10 cm more or less than the reference measurement. The length of the awning depends on the width. Finally, it is necessary to take into account the height of the awning that we remember must be sufficient to be able to stand under it. Thanks to the wide range of attachments available on our online store you can buy and install the ideal awning for you that you can install wherever you want, on the tubes of the inflatable boats, on the boat's surface, on the rail or on sliding rails. Normal boat awnings are made to be used with the boat stationary or at very low speeds.
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