Sphaera Tessilmare profile

MtoNauticaStore.it is a distributor of the Spazzo boat profile made of PVC and stainless steel which has revolutionized traditional fender profiles. The Sphaera Profile features a semi-rigid PVC fender base supplied in rolls which is assembled together with the steel insert, supplied in bars, in a single step, pre-fixing it with adhesive paper tape on the boat. This bottazzo boat combines practicality and lightness, speed and ease of installation by using the boat itself for the curvature of the profile thus avoiding expensive stocks of pre-curved profiles. the Sphaera fender profile is an inexpensive but solid product like a completely steel profile. The stainless steel profile can be easily curved during installation directly on the boat because it easily follows all the shapes on the three axes and thanks to the fixing with stainless steel screws, the installation is completed quickly and easily. The innovative stainless steel profile is made of shockproof rigid vinyl chloride and combines excellent impact resistance with an elegant and valuable aesthetic finish. The practical joint covers not only effectively hide the joint joints but keep the bars perfectly aligned and guarantee a constant pitch of the screws throughout the boat ride thus avoiding the imperfections resulting from the traditional installation without joint cover.
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