VHF Radio and Antennas

Portable and Fixed Marine VHF
MTONauticastore.it puts at your disposal one of the essential elements for navigation, in fact the marine VHF, in the portable or fixed version, is a mandatory tool on board the boats that fall into categories A and B, accompanied by the license to use. On our site we offer you different models of nautical VHF, from the best brands ICOM, COBRA MARINE, STANDARD HORIZON, GME, among which you can choose the one you think is most suitable for your needs, from the portable marine VHF that floats and equipped with bluetooth to the Fixed marine VHF, waterproof and with detachable microphone, with attached nautical VHF antenna.
The marine VHF radio is an electronic navigation tool useful in many circumstances, because it allows you to communicate with the outside world especially in emergency situations and to listen to bulletins, but also to communicate with other boats, after signing a contract with the service manager. Both the marine portable VHF and the fixed one must be homologated, and can only be used by a person who has the qualification, so before purchasing a marine VHF you must make sure that you meet all the requirements to be able to use it.
On MTONauticastore.it you will find portable and fixed marine VHFs on offer at the best price, you can take advantage of the fantastic online sale to take home a marine VHF of the best brands with incredible savings, for unparalleled convenience.
- 18%

ICOM IC-M330GE VHF with Integrated GPS

starting from € 331,13 € 271,53
- 25%
- 10%

CB SCOUT antenna 90 cm

€ 79,54 € 71,59
- 15%

VHF HX300E Standard Horizon Portable Floating Transceiver

starting from € 184,17 € 156,55
- 21%

VHF Cobra Portable HH350 FLT EU

€ 198,14 € 157,25
- 10%
sold out


€ 838,99 € 755,09
- 50%

RA 160 Glomex Cellular Antenna

€ 155,76 € 77,88
- 10%

VHF antenna Cm 22

€ 78,79 € 70,91
- 10%
- 10%
sold out
- 15%

VHF Cobra Marine MR HH350 FLT EU Marine Portable Float

starting from € 185,00 € 157,25
- 15%
- 10%
sold out


€ 479,00 € 431,10
- 25%
- 5%

Boss Marine MCK1308WB.6 Package

€ 180,74 € 171,70

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