Anchors for Boats

Anchors for boats and rafts

In this section of our online store you can choose, among the various types of anchors available, the one that best suits your boat. Anchors are nautical equipment that ensure the boat is anchored and moored both in port and in the harbor and help in situations of wind, currents, waves and other forces. The anchor for sailboats and motor boats is essential for a safe stay in the harbor and to remain far and quiet from the coast .

What's the best yet?

In the choice of the anchor (or, better still, of the anchors: since it is advisable to have at least two on board, one for muddy bottoms and one for rocky bottoms). One of the most common choices is to equip oneself with a CQR Anchor (whose shape recalls that of the plow share, it is a very light anchor but really effective on almost all types of seabed) and a Danforth Anchor (characterized by flat marre, which can move thanks to the articulated diamond, very effective on sandy bottoms), but on our site you will find many others, from Anchor Bruce to Anchor Hall (which makes weight its strong point) and there is no shortage of more known and used Delta Lewmar anchors (in this case it is an evolution of the CQR anchors, also ploughshare but with an optimized profile, typically made of galvanized steel or stainless steel).

You will also find available the new Anchor Bull , Ancora Rocna (with a very particular shape, suitable for boats of all sizes and lengths: the roll bar with which it is equipped allows it to quickly find the right grip on the seabed), Ancora Mantus , Ancora Spade (its peculiarity is the low center of gravity and a significant weight that guarantees an optimal grip on the bottom) and Ancora Vulcan and the classic Umbrella and Grappino dinghy anchors .

How to choose the weight of the anchor?

Of course, boat anchors are available in various types of sizes and weights. The weight of the anchor is usually defined in the ratio of 1-1.5 kg per meter of the boat depending on whether it is a sailboat or a motor boat. Furthermore, it is also necessary to take into account the type of seabed where you are navigating. Therefore it is necessary to choose the right anchor also based on the material with which it is produced. as it determines its weight, but above all its duration over time . Once the anchor to be purchased has been identified, the choice of the chain for even better ones should not be neglected, an indispensable accessory to guarantee a safe mooring, avoiding - for example - that the anchor begins to plow and ship.

Take advantage of the offers on our online shop and buy the boat anchor at the best prices on the market (you will find discounted models up to 40% and more): if you need advice, do not hesitate to contact us, you can also do it through ours Live Chat . We will be able to guide you towards the solution that best suits your needs. MTO guarantees you a fast shipment (normally our orders are processed in 24/48 hours) and without additional costs , if your order is at least 250 Euros.
- 30%

Anchor Bruce Type Galvanized Steel

starting from € 26,23 € 18,36
- 30%

Anchor Bruce Type Stainless Steel

starting from € 303,78 € 212,65
- 30%

Anchor FORTRESS Original Removable USA

starting from € 506,30 € 354,41
- 30%

Universal Float Anchor

starting from € 45,73 € 32,01
- 30%

Delta galvanized steel anchor

starting from € 239,12 € 167,38
- 30%

Danforth Inox anchor

starting from € 427,00 € 298,90
- 30%

Anchor SEA DROGUE float

starting from € 23,67 € 16,57
- 30%

Hall Type Anchor Galvanized Steel

starting from € 27,45 € 19,22
- 30%

Anchor Stainless Steel Umbrella

starting from € 108,09 € 75,66
- 25%

PVC-coated nylon float anchor

€ 36,60 € 27,45
- 30%

Anchor with stamped steel umbrella

starting from € 19,40 € 13,58
- 30%

Original Bull anchor in stainless steel

starting from € 284,87 € 199,41
- 30%

VSG Floating Anchor

€ 224,13 € 156,89
- 30%

Danforth Type Anchor Galvanized Steel

starting from € 30,26 € 21,18
- 30%

Rocna anchor in 316 Stainless Steel

starting from € 2.440,00 € 1.708,00
- 30%

Spade anchor in galvanized steel

starting from € 775,31 € 542,72
- 10%

Nylon float anchor

€ 148,23 € 133,41
- 30%

Original Bull HDG anchor in galvanized steel

starting from € 85,40 € 59,78
- 30%

Rocna anchor in galvanized steel

starting from € 322,08 € 225,46
- 10%

Anchor Inox Umbrella

€ 56,36 € 50,72
- 15%

Still Bruce Inox

€ 157,23 € 133,65
- 30%

KOBRA 2 Anchor Galvanized Steel

€ 275,29 € 192,70
- 30%

Anchor DC Galvanized Steel

€ 68,59 € 48,01
- 10%


€ 15,15 € 13,63

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