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Nav-Station stands for reliability
Nav-Station is a Marine Pan Service brand born in 2001 combining the vast technical background of the company and the deep knowledge of the needs of the market. We at Marine Pan Service do not believe that a navigation plotter is just a decorative element of the console, but an instrument of immense value capable of making the difference in navigation performance. What today's yachtsman wants is a tool capable of giving a prompt response to every navigation need and the Nav-Station plotters have been carefully designed with this idea.
Nav-Station in the age of smartphones
Nav-Station is following with interest the evolution of the use of smartphones also in the nautical sector and today invites you to reflect. Ours is a world that is rapidly transforming and it is necessary to identify new rules and principles, so that this advent of high technology translates into effective benefits also for sea lovers.
Today it is admirable that the new generation has found a sixth sense in the diligent use of smartphones. There is no doubt that these smartphones or tablets can also be of help in navigation and that these people also benefit from it when used on boats.
But the same people in addition to having to know the practice of traditional nautical chart, must also know how to use a real plotter, born, studied, designed and built to navigate in the sea and really able to carry out those operations to aid nautical chart.
You go to sea with the right dress and when the sea conditions become severe, smartphones take shelter. Nav-Station is the right dress, born, studied, designed and built in Italy to be a real plotter, that is a simple unit capable of navigating the sea, even when smartphones are sheltered.
Some competitors have designed plotters that can delegate some functionality to smartphones. Nav-Station believes that the two technologies are distinct, very different to keep away from each other, but certainly both useful in their own separate roles.
Then there are other competitors who try to make the user find some of the features present in smartphones, such as the touchscreen display. Smartphones need to minimize clutter and it is understandable that you sacrifice the keyboard, while Nav-Station believes that those few centimeters needed to allocate a keyboard are a necessary sacrifice for the benefit of safety and the better probability than pressure. of that key the expected function occurs.
Nav-Station DOES NOT believe that the advent of smartphones even on a boat is just a fashion, but a real new way to navigate. The plotter is an aid to navigation and does not replace traditional maps, the smartphone can also be an aid to navigation, but it does not replace the functionality of the plotter, while the smart-plotters are hybrids that do not find any objective location except that of the attempt to compete with smartphones which according to Nav-Station is certainly absurd.
Nav-Station: Turn on & Navigate ...
NAV-STATION simple, effective and performing. A new way to navigate, able to make your cruises more exciting, fun and safer. By moving the cursor you can easily view your itinerary and you will be surprised by the quality of the cartographic images that will scroll before your eyes.
Once you have chosen your destination, you can easily set your "GoTo" to the "Cursor" and from that moment your Nav-Station will pleasantly guide you towards your destination. In fact, you will be accompanied by a pleasant graphic symbology superimposed on the cartography and by important data such as your speed, the route to take, the distance to your destination, the estimated time to arrive and many other data ...
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