Floating Anchors

You will find on MtoNauticaStore.it a wide range of floating anchors that have a very important function on board the boat: they help slow down the hull in critical weather conditions, managing to keep you in control of the boat. The purpose is to keep the boat in the direction of the waves and prevent the waves from hitting the boat transversely. There are two main types of floating anchors: the parachute and the drag anchor.
The parachute floating anchor works like a real parachute allowing the boat to slow down and stabilize thanks to the friction with the water. The other type is the drag anchor that is placed aft and allows you to slow down the glides on the waves.
It is often confused with the hope anchor but the differences with the floating anchor are known: the hope allows you to brake the boat in motion while the floating one tries to keep it still and stabilized. The spera is often used as a floating anchor for trolling or drift fishing operations to slow down and reduce leeway. There are small and large size floating anchors based on the length of the harness and / or dinghy.
Floating anchors are very useful in the case of prohibited weather conditions and this type of anchor is the best way to counter and save yourself from a storm. There are conflicting opinions on those who are enthusiastic about using the used floating anchor, on those who have found it difficult to lower and retrieve it and choi does not trust and fears that in extreme sea conditions it is still difficult to keep the boat in the direction of the waves.
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