Stands for Outboard Motors has various models of outboard motor support for platforms, adjustable and flap. The engine mounts are usually made of stainless steel with a board that can be made of wood or abs. The auxiliary motor supports are divided between the fixed and adjustable models. The outboard motor mounts are mounted on the platforms and allow the outboard to be raised and rotated by resting it horizontally on the platform. The outboard engine mount is an indispensable nautical equipment to be able to install the main engine or to mount the auxiliary outboard engine. Among the motor supports we find the pantograph motor support which allows a more customized setting of the auxiliary motor. The outboard motor support can also be used to lift the outboard motor from the foot when the hull is loaded on the trolley or on its reservoir. On you can choose the best nautical item among the auxiliary engine supports for planks, fixed and flap for any type of boat and outboard. Buy them on to take advantage of the many offers available. Wide choice of outboard motor mount. Fast Shipping 24 / 48h

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