Boe and Gavitelli allows you to choose and purchase nautical buoys, signaling buoys and buoys, buoys for delimiting lanes , buoys for signaling divers or simply mooring buoys . The buoys, naturally floating, are typically used for signaling or for mooring, as needed. and are made of different materials depending on the size of the buoy. The most used material is plastic.
Marker buoys (including racing buoys) are intended to indicate dangerous areas for navigation (shoals, obstacles, cliffs, etc.) or indicate routes to be followed in particular areas (such as entrances and exits from ports). Mooring buoys, on the other hand, are intended to create a safe mooring point for ships and boats in ports and bays, thus avoiding the use of their anchors. This type of buoy includes:
  • the scuba buoys , used by divers or freedivers; from this buoy it is necessary to keep at least 100 meters
  • the tackle that is used by fishermen to find and mark some fishing nets.
The difference between buoy and buoy consists mainly in the shape: the nautical buoy is usually round (more precisely, pear-shaped) while the buoy has a double cone shape and is widely used to moor small boats not far from the shore.

On MTO Nautica Store you can buy the nautical buoys you prefer at exceptional prices , to keep on board for any emergency. Order it, choosing from the wide range available, pay in total safety and receive the items comfortably at home, in 24 / 48h.

Floating Buoy for Lane Warning

starting from € 7,53
- 5%

Olivetta Buoy for Boundary Lanes and Beaches

starting from € 3,42 € 3,25
- 15%

Floating Buoys for Lane Warning

starting from € 3,42 € 2,90

Pear buoy for signaling and mooring

starting from € 11,03
- 15%

Buoy Gavitello Biconica

starting from € 21,96 € 18,67

Buoys for signaling and mooring

starting from € 9,30

Buoys Signaling Sub

starting from € 10,95

Mooring Buoy

starting from € 107,02

Sub buoy

€ 20,29

Torpedo Buoy

€ 16,46

Float Olivetta

€ 5,73

Floating Networks

starting from € 1,44

Boa in Pera

starting from € 10,82

Buoy Through Hole

starting from € 7,52

Biconical buoy Orange Yellow White

starting from € 10,75

Gravitello with Auction

starting from € 181,99
- 35%

Signal Buoy with Light

starting from € 807,80 € 525,07

EVA buoy

starting from € 4,28
- 25%

Regatta buoy for training

€ 264,15 € 198,11

Regatta buoys

starting from € 211,33

Swimmer buoy

€ 37,12

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