Calibrated chains offers its customers the possibility to purchase the calibrated galvanized chain or calibrated stainless steel chain in rolls of 15/25/50/75/100 meters. On request there is the possibility of having a cut of the desired meters. The calibrated anchor chain is of different diameter sizes.
The most common sizes are 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm. Particular attention is given to the 10mm calibrated chain which is available on the market in two different mesh size versions: 28mm Din766 pitch and 30mm ISO4565 pitch.
On Chain still unbeatable price! Marine chains are called calibrated as only these can be used on winches without problems.
- 30%

Calibrated Galvanized Steel Chain for Winches

starting from € 195,20 € 136,64
- 30%

Calibrated Chain G70 In Galvanized Steel

starting from € 390,40 € 273,28
- 30%

Stainless steel chain for winches

starting from € 305,00 € 213,50
- 15%
- 40%
- 40%
- 40%

CALIBRATED Galvanized Steel Chain 100MT

€ 1.394,91 € 836,95

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