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POLYFORM fenders made in NORWAY

The mooring maneuver is one of the most delicate and the fender has the precise function of blocking the impacts to which the boat may be subjected during docking operations and when stationed in its place. Various types of fenders are on the market and the most common are the cylindrical fenders , marked with the initials SERIE F , and those in the shape of a ball (also called pear) marked as SERIE A. The fenders are a fundamental nautical accessory on every boat, without them mooring becomes a constant risk and damage to the boat is insured.


The F series fenders of the Norwegian brand are cylindrical fenders and with an elongated shape of white or gray color with Navy Blue or Black head. The function of the F SERIES fenders is clear and simple: to keep the distances at berth between one boat and another, between the boat and a dock or between a boat and the pier. In any case, their work is precious, they cushion shocks and guarantee the right safety even in case of adverse weather conditions. It is important to choose them of a size suitable for the boat . For smaller boats and inflatable boats it is advisable to opt for a Polyform F1 or F2 fenders, for medium and large boats and inflatable boats you can opt for Polyform F3 and F4 models
Cylindrical Polyform F series are the most common. These models usually have two eyelets at the ends for attaching the ropes. This particular gives us the possibility to use the fenders either vertically or horizontally in an emergency.


Polyform series A fenders are spherical fenders, or more correctly defined pear fenders, with a much more voluminous shape than cylindrical ones. Thanks to this feature they are suitable for large boats or alternatively they go very well to protect the stern . In fact, there is not always enough space in the rear of the boats for mooring more fenders, in this case a large pear-shaped one can be useful. For smaller boats and inflatable boats it is advisable to opt for a Polyform A0 or A1, for medium and large size boats and inflatable boats you can opt for Polyform models A2 series A3 and A4


The Polyform F and Polyform A series fenders are a necessary and indispensable tool , both for those who practice fishing and for pleasure craft, able to guarantee protection from abrasion to the hull and prevent the part exposed to the outside from being damaged during maneuvers berth or in case of approach between boats. It is no coincidence that they are used all over the world: starting from small hulls to large yachts.

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