Mooring Ropes Accessories offers for sale online in its e-commerce all the accessories for mooring lines and for their protection. Available in various sizes of stainless steel thimbles for lines to be spliced, protective sheaths against rubbing of mooring lines, sheath for the protection of electrical cables from the quay, stainless steel profiles for protection for the boat and everything necessary to integrate the correct use and good maintenance of the rope on board. We also supply white and black color nylon hooks for bungee cords and multipurpose ropes for any onboard use. Whether it is a sailboat or a motor boat you will need these protections for your mooring lines in order to make them last over time and do an excellent maintenance. Problems with flaking off your mooring lines? Protect them with our rope protectors and you will no longer have these problems. is at your complete disposal to choose the best accessory for your mooring lines. You will buy at advantageous prices compared to other online nautical shops.

Stainless steel thimble

starting from € 0,20

Mooring Salvacime sheath

starting from € 10,95
- 25%

Splicing Nut for Splicing

starting from € 22,11 € 16,58
- 25%

Sail Defender Ocean Candlestick Cover

starting from € 146,40 € 109,80
- 25%

Sail Defender Ocean Guard Cover

starting from € 121,51 € 91,13
- 30%

Belt Mooring Belt Douglas Marine

starting from € 143,96 € 100,77
- 20%

Drappe lever handle for mooring

starting from € 83,34 € 66,68

Protect Cime Inox

starting from € 8,95

White PVC cable lug

starting from € 3,05

PVC sheath

starting from € 24,46

Polyester Top Protectors

starting from € 18,00

Protect Nylon Ropes

starting from € 628,90

Mooring strap

€ 20,79

Terminal ball

starting from € 1,18

Lance Blue Line

€ 26,35
- 35%

Beach Rope Wrap Roller

€ 625,59 € 406,63

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