Stainless Steel Anchors

Stainless steel anchors for boats. Why choose the stainless steel anchor? The stainless steel boat anchor guarantees a higher breaking load compared to the galvanized steel boat anchor and where a galvanized anchor in extreme conditions could bend the stainless steel anchor will guarantee a very high performance resistance as well as having a longer life: some stainless steel anchors are guaranteed for life. If you search on you will discover the best anchors on the market of the best brands such as Ancora Delta, Ancora Danforth, Ancora Spade, Ancora Vulcan and Acnora Rocna. The best performing anchors for all backdrops for motor boats and sailboats from the smallest to large yachts.
The choice of the right anchor must be made based on the type of seabed where you are navigating and there are different types of anchors such as shapes and weights:
- Sea bottoms mainly with mud not suitable for nautical anchoring with classic anchors
- Seabed with gravel or rocky bottoms are complicated to anchor and therefore it is important to choose the anchor to avoid problems of getting stuck
- Backdrops with clay are those that allow a good anchoring and where all the anchors behave in an excellent way
- Sand bottoms are the easiest for anchoring techniques and any type of anchor can be used
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- 40%

Rocna anchor in 316 Stainless Steel

starting from € 2.853,58 € 1.712,15
- 35%

Anchor Bruce Type Stainless Steel

starting from € 157,38 € 102,30
- 35%

Danforth Inox anchor

starting from € 450,86 € 293,06
- 35%

Anchor Stainless Steel Umbrella

starting from € 121,39 € 78,90
- 35%

Original Bull anchor in stainless steel

starting from € 273,28 € 177,63
- 35%

Danforth Stainless Steel Anchor

starting from € 333,41 € 216,72
- 35%

Anchor Inox Umbrella

starting from € 52,42 € 34,07
- 35%

Still Bruce Inox

starting from € 157,23 € 102,20

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