Inverter and battery charger for boats. At unbeatable prices!

Marine batteries risk losing their efficiency soon if they are not recharged constantly! This is why they are connected to the alternator of the engine (when this is running) or to a marine battery charger that uses the current from the docks (or, in some cases, from a generator) to keep the load level constant. In this way you will not have problems during the ignition phase and also the on-board electrical network will continue to be powered without problems.
Usually the on-board electrical network is 12V and direct current but there are devices such as personal computers, chargers for smartphones and so on that need an alternating current of 220V, in this case the appropriate accessory (which cannot really be missing. on your boat) is the inverter that allows you to get this type of electricity.
In this category we have included battery chargers and inverters (in addition to other components and accessories useful for their operation) with the best quality / price ratio on the market, which we offer you discounts up to 40% and which we have selected from the best brands. available as Quick , Waeco and Victron , just to name a few.
And if you are undecided about which charger or which inverter to choose for your boat, we are at your disposal to give you the right advice! Use our Live Chat or contact us, we are at your disposal. Once you have identified the one that's right for you, you can buy it safely on our online shop and receive everything in a few days and without shipping costs if your order is at least 250 euros.
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- 40%

SBC / NRG Medium Power Battery Charger

starting from € 1.627,57 € 976,54
- 40%

Quick SBC NRG Low Power 12/25/30 A battery charger

starting from € 439,08 € 263,45
- 40%

Quick SBC NRG Medium Power 30/40/60/80 A battery charger

starting from € 1.041,88 € 625,13
- 40%

Quick SBC NRG Hi Power 60/80/100 A battery charger

starting from € 2.129,16 € 1.277,50

Inverters Lafayette 12-24V 220V

starting from € 80,00
- 10%

Inverter sqaure wave

€ 87,88 € 79,09

Inverters Studer Aj WAECO 12-24V 220V

starting from € 1.623,24
- 40%

Medium power sbc/nrg+ battery charger

€ 2.039,11 € 1.223,47
- 40%

Low power sbc/nrg+ battery charger

€ 439,08 € 263,45
- 30%

High power sbc/nrg+ battery charger

€ 2.173,06 € 1.521,14

WAECO Perfect Charge 12 24 v

starting from € 293,63


starting from € 150,06

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