Gibsy tender

The GIBSY line of boats is carefully designed down to the smallest detail to ensure optimal performance and guaranteed fun.
The range includes 37 models divided into 8 series: from 1.60 meters up to 4.20 meters with a particular design that distinguishes them, suitable to satisfy any need: whether you want to explore a new coast, or to take a trip to the lake. or you need a tender to reach the shore.
The manufacturing process of these boats has been designed to produce high quality inflatable boats, which is why it offers a 2 YEAR warranty on the seams and 5 years on the fabric.
Gibsy boats are made from premium quality 0.9mm * (1100 denier) polyester fabric that guarantees dimensional stability and excellent tensile and tear strength.
The fabric is also covered with two layers of PVC which offer maximum resistance to abrasion, adverse weather conditions and chemicals.

* except for GIBSY D and KING LIGHT models in 0.7 mm (1000 denier) fabric

The GIBSY range offers numerous models suitable for all uses according to the user's needs.
ROLLING FLOOR: slatted floor that allows stowage without removing the boat's floor, designed for those who need practicality and lightness but do not give up on elegance
ALUMINUM FLOOR: aluminum floorboards that are easy to maintain as it is very resistant to all types of impact. Extremely robust with aluminum frame and pneumatic keel, it is a favorite with divers and enthusiasts of high performance boats. It is convenient to stow and is easily disassembled.
INFLATABLE FLOOR: This type of floor is made from thousands of crossed polyester threads. Inflated at high pressure, it becomes resistant and rigid like a traditional wooden floor but offers more lightness and greater comfort. Its size allows for easy transport and convenient stowage.
INFLATABLE V-FLOOR: high pressure inflatable floor with "V" keel for an even more rigid and performing hull, which allows you to glide quickly ensuring the best maneuverability. The best choice for those whose lightness and safety are of primary importance.
GRP HULL: The Gybsy "E" and "VENUS" series boats combine the performance of a rigid hull with the safety of pneumatic concession, proving to be fast and stable in turns. The V-shaped hull allows you to glide quickly even when fully loaded. They are intended that I desire a high class complement to their boat.

- 25%

GIBSY D 180-200-249-280 dinghy

starting from € 633,18 € 474,89
- 25%

GIBSY F 180-200-230-249 dinghy

starting from € 750,30 € 562,73
- 25%

Tender GIBSY A 230-270-320-380

starting from € 1.177,30 € 882,98
- 25%

Tender GIBSY "King Light" 160-180-200-249

starting from € 750,30 € 562,73
- 25%

Tender GIBSY "M" 185-210-230-270-320

starting from € 986,98 € 740,24
- 20%

Gibsy boat "VENUS" 290-320-360

starting from € 5.793,78 € 4.635,02
- 25%

GIBSY D 180-200-249-280 dinghy

starting from € 742,98 € 557,24

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