Chains for boats

The chains used for boating, can have links of different width and shape, are normally hooked to the anchor and are offered with essential accessories, such as windlasses , chain distributor and chain lock. They are a fundamental accessory, often underestimated with respect to its importance: it is precisely to the chain (and obviously to the anchor) that the boat is docked during the mooring phase, and it is the chain that must ensure the necessary (and high) resistance to loads and resistance over time.

In particular, if you use an adequately heavy chain, adequately long and laid on the bottom, the movements transmitted by the boat to the anchor (as well as the pitch) will be decidedly less, the fiction of the chain is in fact that of shock absorber of these movements. This is why the chains must be chosen appropriately, both in terms of measures (depending on the backdrops where you will moor) and the materials used for its construction.

Anchor chains with ISO or DIN standards

European standards usually follow ISO standards. For various sizes of chains such as those of diameter 6 and 8 there are no differences between ISO and DIN, while the difference is with regard to chains with a diameter of 10 mm. In fact, for the DIN 766 chains, the pitch is 28 mm while for the ISO it is 30 mm.

On the MTONAUTICASTORE.IT online shop you will find, for sale, the chain you need at discounted prices up to 35% : from the calibrated chain for winches and windlasses, to the Genoese chain in both stainless steel and galvanized steel. Read the various product sheets to find all the indications on diameters and length.

If you need different sizes or do not find the chain that you need, do not hesitate to contact us, you can also do it through Live Chat : we are at your disposal to give you all the necessary advice.

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