MARLIN Antifouling

The antifouling treatment is one of those operations to be carried out on your hull (unless you often withdraw the boat dry) this is to preserve the boat and performance and not to increase consumption, because - as you know - the encrustations also have this type of inconvenience. Thanks to the presence of biocides , antifouling paints help to alleviate these problems, extending the life of your boat and keeping it with an adequate appearance.
The Marlin brand represents a good choice in terms of quality / price ratio and on our online store you can find self-polishing Marlin antifoulings , active both at a chemical and mechanical level, as well as a specific varnish for feet and bow.
And if you need advice on the best product to use, contact us or use our Live Chat , we will be able to advise you and guide you in the purchase, which you can make by paying securely directly on our store and receive the order in a few days (and without shipping costs, if your order is at least 250 euros).

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